Saying Goodbye to Campursari Maestro Cak Diqin: Remembering a Music Legend

Saying Goodbye to Campursari Maestro Cak Diqin: Remembering a Music Legend

Hey, folks! It’s a bit of a downer moment in the entertainment scene, especially for the campursari music lovers out there. We’re saying our goodbyes to H Muhammad Shodiqin, or as we all knew him, Cak Diqin. The dude who gave us those catchy campursari tunes has left the stage, leaving behind a legacy that’s all about those soulful melodies he cooked up.

Confirmation of the Sad News about Cak Diqin

So, I got the lowdown from Rima Kusuma Prasetyaningrum, Vice Chairperson of the Singers, Songwriters, and Musicians crew (PAPPRI) in Central Java. She spilled the beans about Cak Diqin’s passing when the detikJateng crew hit her up. According to Rima, Cak Diqin called it a day at RSUD Pandan Arang, Boyolali, in the crack of dawn.

“Yeah, it’s true. Cak Diqin passed away on Friday, November 10, 2023, around 7:00 AM at RSUD Pandan Arang, Boyolali,” spilled Rima Kusuma, also pulling double duty as the big cheese of PAPPRI Boyolali.

She also let us in on the scoop that Cak Diqin had been feeling under the weather for a few months. Things weren’t looking too bright health-wise, so he checked into RSUD Pandan Arang Boyolali for a bit of TLC.

Darman, the Head of Nursing and Midwifery Services at RSUD Pandan Arang Boyolali, gave us the nod too, saying Cak Diqin bowed out in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) around 7:00 AM.

“Yes, it’s true. Cak Diqin passed away in the ICU at RSUD Pandan Arang, around 7:00 AM this morning,” Darman spilled the tea to detikJateng.

As of now, Cak Diqin’s hanging out in the mortuary at RSUD Pandan Arang, getting those final rites done.

Cak Diqin: A Musical Journey Remembered

Now, let’s talk tunes. Cak Diqin, the big deal in campursari, left his mark with those sweet vocals and tunes that hit you right in the feels. Classics like “Bojo Loro,” “Cinta Tak Terpisahkan,” “Sido Rondo,” and “Susu Boyolali” became the soundtrack to our lives, connecting with fans of all ages.

A Battle Against Illness

The news about Cak Diqin’s health struggles sheds light on the rough road he faced lately. Fighting off health hiccups, he showed true grit, leaving a mark not just as a music maestro but as a symbol of resilience in the face of tough times.

Community and Cultural Contributions

Cak Diqin saying goodbye marks the end of a musical era in campursari. More than just the tunes, he played a big part in keeping Javanese culture alive through his craft.

Final Tribute to a Legend

As Cak Diqin’s melodies keep playing in our hearts, the music world is feeling the loss of a true legend. Let’s remember the good times, the joy he brought, and the cultural vibes he shared through the universal language of music. Cak Diqin’s legacy lives on, urging the next gen to vibe with the beauty of traditional Indonesian tunes.